Vecna's Plan

Part I

Adventure begins...

The story begins when Lazaral (an elf self-exiled from Lorien) and Ghorn (a half-elf/half-orc paladin of Obad-Hai) were fishing in a stream in the Great Forest, just north of the Elven community of Lorien. They heard thunder and took shelter as a rain hit. They met a wandering, dirty elf with bones in his hair and a large boar as a steed who was also seeking shelter from the rain.

As they spoke, the elf, named Grimble told them he was seeking an rogue elf named Teryn who had gone insane and murdered members of his tribe, located deeper into the forest. Sounding like fun, Lazaral and Ghorn agreed to accompany him on this mission.

Tracking the rogue elf to an elven village they found blood and fire. The elf had slaughtered most of the town. They also found evidence of goblin and gnoll activity in the area. Following the trail, they went north into the Hills of Mistrust, a wood and feral area.

Along the way, the group of elves came across a colony of large spiders which had ensnared a gnome! They defeated the spiders only to find the gnome excessively chattering about goblins. He was obsessed with tracking and hunting down the monsters. He agreed to stay with the group through the hills, as he had found many signs of them here.

The group tracked Teryn and found a sheltered cliff where he apparently met with others, most likely a group of humans. Further along the track, the group was ambushed by a group of cult members where insignias of the demi-god, Vecna.

Two members of the group were left alive and forced to lead to the group back to their leader, who they claimed was a divinely touched messiah from the far South. Their group was held out in an old abandoned temple in the hills…



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