Vecna's Plan

Part II

The adventure continues...

As the prisoners lead the group of three elves and a gnome through the tree-covered hills, they come to the ruins of a temple, set on a crag high on a hill, next to a flowing waterfall. At the base of the hill is a field where a battle is engaged. Cult members are battling a number of goblins led by gnolls!

Gabby the gnome yells in excitement and charges at the goblins. The prisoners struggle to break free and help their friends and the elves let them go. The battle ends with the humans victorious. The elves parley with the group and are led to the ruined temple up on the hill.

At the temple they are greeted by Anton, leader of the this cult of Vecna, though he does not say this openly. He is very polite and offers the group every courtesy. He tells them he is here at the Temple of Lost Secrets looking for a certain prophecy given by the man called the Blind Prophet some hundreds of years ago. He does not divulge why he needs this. He admits that the elf they seek is here, though, they cannot have him. Teryn came to him recently and asked for his help. The elf was driven insane when his paramour died of disease and he wants her back. Anton is willing to help him. In the meantime he asks the group if they are willing to stay and help him fight off the goblins that are giving his people such a hard time. Gabby the gnome agrees but the Elves do not.

Later that night the group witnesses a ritual performed by Anton and the cult members. They bring Leena back to life but during the process her disease is transferred to Teryn. He sees his love and then the rot on his skin and is driven mad, attacking, weaponless, the cult members. He then runs and jumps off the cliff and to his doom.

Leena, being revived from the dead, is faint and pale. She is strangely distant. She leaves with the group as they agree to return her to her tribe in the forest. The elves arrive there a few weeks later and decide to stay through the coming winter. During this winter Ghorn and Lazaral and Grimble become good friends, fighting off Orcs and learning about each other…



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