Vecna's Plan

Part III

Gnoll War begins...

After spending the winter months with the wild elves deep in the Great Forest, the group decides to head back to Lorien. Grimble is curious to see the bastion of civilized Elveness. As they leave spring is beginning and the weather is wet.

A few days east of the Elven city, the PCs come across a patrol of elves, dead from a gnoll ambush. They track the trail of blood to a nearby cave. A brutal charge and fight ends with the elves freeing an elven captain named Tillian and a gnoll prisoner. The gnoll admits that Ulven Blackblood has regrouped the gnoll tribe and plans on sacking Lorien.

The group heads back to Lorien quickly and sits in on a council of elven leaders. Tillian is given charge of the defense and preparations. The group meets Arduro, Lazaral’s ex-master when he was an apprentice in the city.

Lazaral decides to attempt his big heist and the group manages to break into Arduro’s tower and steal some magic items and a spyglass. They have a suspicion about his motives but find no hard evidence.

After this the group is called on to scout and deal with many gnoll activities in the area. They chase a group down into some old ruins and find a magic sword that cuts through ghostly creatures. They dispatch many gnolls, and also harass a group lead by a half-ogre/half-gnoll. However, they find the numbers of gnolls to be much larger than expected.

Another council is held in Lorien. The PCs are told by High Wizard Rentar that the magical defenses of Lorien are powered by a device called the Wizard’s Stone. This device must be protected at all costs, for without it, the defenses will fade over time. A great debate is held and the council finally decides to send the wizard Arduro with the Stone to the winged elves in the mountains across the lake. The group will protect him on this journey. Also at this time, the Hunter’s Arrows (a groupe elite rangers) are sent to the south to make sure Kelmar the Troll King is not joining in with the gnolls…



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