Vecna's Plan

Part IV

The Situation Worsens...

The group heads out, their mission to protect Arduro and see the Wizard’s Stone into the hands of the winged elves on top of the mountain. They are ambused on two occaisions by gnolls and then trolls. Many of the elven guard are killed. As they enter the mountains across the lake, they come to a stone bridge and are ambushed once again.

A battle begins and during the battle Arduro curiously moves forward to engage the gnolls and ogres with his magic. He is then charged by an ogre whose club sweeps him off the bridge. Lazaral spots him floating to the bottom where he lands and takes off running down the valley. The group finishes the fight and the monsters flee.

Unsure of what happened, the group decideds to climb the mountain to wait for the Winged Elves. They wait three days and there is no sign of any living creaturs atop the mountain. They return to Lorien, convinced that Arduro is a traitor. The elves are not so quick to judge and decide to wait for his return.

Over the next few weeks most of the outlying elven villages are overrun by gnolls, goblins and some ogres. No other trolls have been spotted at this time. The Queen of the Elves, Ilderren, send for the group herself. In a meeting at her floating island-tree-fort, the group is asked to represent Lorien and travel to the northwest to the human kingdome of Wellington. They are given a chest full of gold and jewels and a Royal Writ giving them permission to ask for aid from the humans. Queen Ildereen informs them this task will not be easy, as there is bad history between the elves and these humans.

The group agrees and prepares to leave, securing the large chest under piles of fur on a cart pulled by a sturdy donkey. They head west and stop at Arwen, the last outpost the elves have. Here they are told about the Ghost Keep to the southwest. Being ever the curious, the group heads there first, taking a small detour. Here they find human ghosts and a demon bound to attack them each day. They make peace with Ghost Lord Ulster and even find some interesting magic items.



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