Vecna's Plan

Part V

Rain, Rain, Rain...

Leaving the ruins of Ghost Keep behind, the group elves head north for the human Kingdom of Wellington. Their sturdy mule and cart, piled with furs over a chest full of riches, they make their way through the trails of the Great Forest.

The group comes upon Hobgoblin bandits at Alexis Bridge, who wear insignias of being members of the Red Hand, a union of Orcs, Hobgoblins and other monsters that overan the Elsir Vale to the west. The group attempts to talk their way out of a fight but things turn ugly. The bandits didn’t know what they were up against.

The group continues north but only two days later clouds cover the sky and rain begins to fall. The group makes camp to wait out the rain. The rain however, does not cooperate. After three straight days of heavy nonstop rain, coupled with lighting and thunder, it is apparent the group needs to find better shelter or be flooded out. They head east, deeper into the forest, seeking shelter in some wooded hills.

The find a nice cave up on a hillside, however, it is already occupied by a group of Lizardfolk. The heroes make an uneasy alliance with the already hungry and restless group, led by self-proclaimed King Ironclaw. The group then witnesses some lizardfolk hunters return to the cave, brandishing booty and two human slaves. Ghorn takes the lead to negotiate with King Ironclaw for the King is now pestering the elves to find new shelter. King Ironclaw agrees to let the rest stay and Lazaral is given to the King as a slave.

Lazaral witnesses one of the humans killed, cooked and eaten by the Lizardfolk, who laugh that he is next and force him to help with the preparations. Lazaral manages to speak with the other prisoner, who names himself Helious, a caravan guard out of Corswick, the capital of Wellington.

Ghorn and Grimble eventually ride to the rescue and Lazaral takes the cue and frees Helious during the distraction. Over a dozen of the lizardfolk fall in the cavern. The group questions a prisoner, a shaman named Yissa, who denies have anything to do with the rains and claims they have made her ill. The group silences her and waits out the rain.

The rain holds for three more weeks. Thunder and lightning shake the sky and it seems as if the world will come to an end. Then no more. The group slowly gets its things together and heads back north, much delayed.

Once outside of the Great Forest, they find the fields of the humans flooded and people begging for help along the road to the north. They soon reach a moderately large city called Avidar. Here they find things is disorder and many public preachings about the end of the world. Guards question them with cold words and finally let them through the gate. Soon they see a person familiar to them.

Anton, leader of the cult the PCs found earlier in the Temple of Lost Secrets, is here, preaching about a god named Vecna, and how his wisdom will get the people through this troubled time. He says it is time for the people to give power to Vecna and let him lead them. He asks the people to join him as he travels north to the capital of Corswick to speak with good King Henry II and ask him to accept the power of Vecna.



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