Vecna's Plan

Part VI


Leaving Anton and the city of Avidar behind, the group of elves and a human head north toward Corswick. They pass through more flooded fields and more beggers along the trail. A day from the city some of these beggers turn into ambushers that the group dispataches.

The the envoys arrive in the small town ironically named Rain. Here they find the town mostly abandonded and signs of a bloddy fight. Human corpses lay all about the village. They find an inn called the Raindrop and find a group of hooligans holding out there. They seem to have a number of female prisoners and supplies in the inn and are having a hedonistic time.

After some debate, Lazaral decides to use his skills and magic to rescue the women. He climbs to the second floor and manages to free two women before the thugs figure out what is happening. Lazaral is then confronted by the leader of the group and large man with a greataxe and a helmet shaped like a hog. He names him self the Hog’s Head and cleaves Lazaral nearly in half.

The rest of the group flees, being unable to save their friend. On the outskirts of the village they find a burned and ruined temple of Pelor. An old priest named Herold groans and is helped by the group. He claims the town was overrun by the Hogs Head and his local thugs once the Doomsdayers convinced them the end was near. He also relates to his saviors that Pelor has not granted his plea for spells since the Storms. It seems the gods have grown silent.

The group leaves quickly and heads further north to the great city of Corswick. The city is the largest any of them have seen and sits along a forest and a lake. Stone walls surround the city, which is divided into many districts. Once inside, the priest of Pelor takes leave and the group heads to Stone Hall to plea an audiene with King Henry II. The group convinces Lord Melvin Hallister to schedule a time at the King’s Court. While there, the group sees a group of scowling dwarves, one of them dressed in fine clothes with business there as a mithril trader. He is guarded by a few dwarves, one notable for his two dwarven axes at his side.

Taking room at the exclusive Riverside Tavern and Inn, the group agains runs into the dwarves, who are logding there, also. They find the dwarf trader to be Relmar Deepiron from the Crown Valley Dwarves to the north, who lead the Lillington Alliance. The other dwarf is named Bannack Wyrmskull and is a Ranger and Paladin.

During the time while the group is waiting for their turn in court, they witness the arrival of Anton, followed by over one thousand commoners. He sets up near the Mermaid’s Fountain and preaches a similar speech that the group heard in Avindar. This time, though, he has over a thousand voices cheering him on. Next to Anton is a large figure in a steal hog helmet and a smaller man. Anton preaches for Vecna and then proceeds to demontrate his power by casting a spell and walking on the water of Mermaid’s Fountain. The people are convinced.

The group spends the next week attepting to track Anton down in the city with no success. Finally the day arrives when the group enters Castle Corswick, along with Relmar and his Dwarves, and sits through a long day of King Henry II’s court. After noon, Anton arrives and is given a time in front of the King before others who have been waiting. He asks the King’s permission and sanction to build a temple of Vecna in the city’s southern district, an area known to house the poor. The King’s Small Council seems opposed. Anton proclaims he knows the King’s uncle is ill and he can heal him, unlike the other priests of the city. Relmar the dwarf scoffs and draws a scathing look from Anton. The King suspends court and takes Anton with him.

King Henry II returns and states the temple shall be built and will be also paid for in part by the crown. The dwarves are then heard and the King agrees to pre-purchase some mithril from them. When the group is finally introuduced as emisarries from Lorien, the court hushes a bit. The fued between Corswick and the Elves is long in the past but still felt to some extant. The group explains the situation in Lorien. The King tries to be understanding but tells them they cannot afford to send troops into the forest when things are in such disaray here in Corswick. The group offers their chest of treasure which the King accepts. He agrees to send a group of 20 rangers to Lorien to report in the situaion.



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