Vecna's Plan

Part VII

Return to the Temple of Lost Secrets...

After the group finishes at the King’s Court, they spend the night back at the Riverside Inn. The group of dwarves are there in full force, being loud and obnoxious. Bannack makes his way to the groups’s table and sits down to discuss what happened in court.

Not long later, his group of dwarves start keeling over at their table. It seems their drink has been poisoned! Quite a stir is caused and the kitchens are searched and cooks questioned. No one seems to know how it happened. Bannack is suspicious of this Anton fellow and the look he gave Relmar. He asks if he can join the group and find out more about him. They readily agree.

The group, now consisting of a half-elf/half-orc, a wild elf, a human and a dwarf, spends the next few days searching about the city for clues to Anton’s whereabouts or dealings. They have no luck but are then approached by a weasly man in an alley. He reveals himself to be Lord Reece of the King’s Council. The barely recognizes him through his disguise as a begger. Lord Reece tells them that Anton must be stopped, though few in Corswick will agree with him. He tells them the Elven war with the gnolls is now over. The elves were invaded and took heavy losses but won the war. However, they only won when Queen Ildereen appeared and cast a spell, extinguishing her life but saving her people. The elves are regrouping now.

Lord Reece also tells the group that Anton is looking for an artifact, the Eye of Vecna. He already has the Hand of Vecna, and if he obtains both, his power will be great, possibly too great to stop. Lord Reece has gained word that Anton wants the Wizard Stone so he can power a finding ritual spell that will lead him to the Eye. However, the Stone may be in the possession of an elven wizard who was seen heading for the Temple of Lost Secrets.

The group leaves the next day, determined to find Arduro and the Stone before Anton’s minions do. They travel back to the Great Forest, arriving at the temple two weeks later, after meeting and being led there by Gabby the gnome, who they meet again along the way. He takes leave of the group to continue to hunt goblins in the hills.

The Temple of Lost Secrets is much as the group found it before, though empty. The find many signs of a great battle here, apparently between gnolls and humans. They know from what Gabby said that gnolls overran the cult as they were searching and the cult had to flee. Gnoll and human remains litter the place.

The group finds an entrance into the long-abandoned crypt area and begin the search there. They are confronted by a host of spirits including an allip, wraith and shadow. They battle through only to find a horrid beast at work deep in the crypt. Its hooded face is made up of dozen of eyeballs and its skin is dark and decayed. They also see none other than Arduro, crucified to the wall the room. Ghorn takes a blow from the thing’s tougue which blinds him and he becomes nearly helpless. The rest of the group wins the day against the vireous drinker and his zombie-like creations, saving Ghorn from certain death.

Arduro pleads for his life to the group. He states he was trying to protect the stone by leaving them. He tells them he has hidden it here under the temple and this monster was trying to get him to reveal where it was. He takes them to it and they all head to the remains of Lorien.



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